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Parliamentary Elections​ 2023 (Oulu)

Sakari was a candidate for the parliament. The result was 155 votes. Thank you for you all.

Green heart on the right 

Sakari Kouti

Sakari Kouti, #74

(74 is the year, when Abba won with the Waterloo song.)

M.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Consultant (ICT)

  • Vice Chair of the Greens in Oulu
  • Chair of the Green Entrepreneurs
  • Member of the board of the Economy Greens (and previously its Chair)
  • Co-Chair of the foreign and security policy group of the Greens in Finland
  • Member of the economy policy group of the Greens in Finland
  • Vice member of the board of the Greens in Finland
  • Alternate member of the Municipal Guarantee Board council

Co-founder of the IT training company Sovelto (now part of Eduhouse), previously 12 years in its board

Father of three, nonfiction author, author of a boating book, scout leader, Senior Lieutenant, photographer

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Sakari Kouti